The Power of Attention

Happy New Year!

A quick thought for a positive start to the new year on the power of attention 🙂

“What we give our attention to, grows”  Ken Blanchard

Where we focus our attention influences the results we get – if we focus on the negatives, we tend not to notice the positives and often create situations that demoralise people.  When we reward people with a positive response when something is done well or we like it, people usually want to continue that behaviour.

When we are aware of something, we also pay it more attention. A classic example is when we bought a new midnight blue car, we thought there weren’t that many cars of this colour on the road, especially our model. Now, we see not only cars of this colour but also this model and colour everywhere!

What do you want to be more aware of this year? What will you focus your attention on to bring you positive results in 2013?

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