Five fundamentals for outstanding business success #1


1. Vision


Is your vision exciting and motivating?
Is it propelling you towards success?


Are your daily actions leading towards your vision?

Do you have a meaningful and compelling vision? Are your daily actions leading towards your vision?

Here are some thoughts to get you started.

  • What is the purpose for your business?
  • What difference is it making to the world in general and/or to your customers in particular?
  • WHY does your business exist?
  • When you take time to align your vision with your own personal values, your business becomes more meaningful to you.  You find your work energising and have boundless intrinsic motivation for getting stuck in to make it happen. If you recognise how this inspires you to put extra effort into your work, you will understand why taking time to align vision with values for the business as a whole is worthwhile.
  • What values do you want your business to express?
  • What behaviours do these values translate to, for yourself as business owner, for your people who work in your business, and for your customers, clients, suppliers, and anyone else who interacts with your business?
  • How can you create your vision and invite your team to contribute to refining it, so it becomes a purpose that everyone in the business buys into?
  • How are you then communicating that to all in the business and beyond?


Do get in touch with me if you’d like to know more about clarifying your values and creating a sensational vision – I have some fabulous tools to help you create your living, fiery, motivational vision.


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