Confidence can close the Gender Gap – for pay, promotion and possiblities

Confidence is something you can learn and you get it by taking action. Our programme gives you the process and practical tools to be more confident. When you raise your confidence, you raise your game not only in your career but in all parts of your life. You deserve it. What is it worth to you? What difference will it make for you – in work and out of work?

Despite all the regulation around equality, there is still a huge disparity between women and men at work. Women now tend to get better results in school and university, but in the workplace, men are often more successful, and women become a minority in more senior management, executive and board roles. Researchers conclude that confidence lies at the root of many typical differences in behaviour that play a part :

  • Women tend to wait until they are 100% certain they are a perfect fit for all the criteria before applying for a position. In contrast, men will typically apply when they have only some of the requirements.
  • Women often find it hard to fully believe in themselves. Successful women often say they feel like an imposter, that someone will ‘find them out’, that they are not really good enough for this role, or that they were lucky, in the right place and the right time to get the role. In contrast, a man will often say he got the role because he was the best person for it.
  • Women often give themselves a hard time for not living up to their expectations (especially when ‘only perfect will do’) and will often take poor results personally rather than recognising that external circumstances could have played a part too.
  • Men are more likely to negotiate a higher salary: men initiate negotiations four times as often as women do, and even when women do negotiate, they tend to ask for 20%-30% less than men ask for.
  • Women often underestimate their competence, are less confident in their abilities, and are more likely to turn down opportunities even though they are equally capable as their male colleagues who seek out the opportunities.
  • Women more often believe that if we keep our heads down, work hard and deliver excellent results, we will be rewarded. That worked well in school and university to get good grades and praise. Sadly, it doesn’t often work in the workplace to gain recognition, promotion, salary raises or other measures of your success. As one of my 1:1 coaching clients put it “It’s not fair. My boss is putting my colleague forward for promotion just because he talks more about his work. My boss acknowledges that the quality of my work is far higher than my colleague, but he doesn’t see me as being ready for promotion. You should be promoted on quality of your work not politicking about it.” We’ve worked on how she communicates authentically about the strategic importance of her work, so that her boss sees her as ready for promotion and she doesn’t feel like it is smarmy politicking. New opportunities have come her way.

Do you recognise any of those behaviours in yourself? Are you holding yourself back? Do you want that to change? If so, why not take action now and

  1.  Decide to become more confident and
  2.  Join our Confidence for Professional Women Programme
  3.  or Join the online Confidence Programme with 1:1 coaching to encourage you, give you impetus and challenge you when you need it.

Stop feeling afraid of presenting
You can step up to speak in meetings or in public

Stop holding yourself back
You can negotiate your promotion, pay rise or that new role
Stop avoiding difficult conversations and feedback
You can handle them
Stop feeling so stressed at work
You can manage all the change in your organisation
Stop feeling like someone will ‘find you out’
You can be confident in your abilities and competence
You can be confident about being you

by using the proven and powerful process you learn in the

Confidence for Professional Women Programme


Book your place now or

Email or call me to arrange a time for a confidential chat about whether the programme or 1:1 coaching will give you the impetus you are looking for.

Sue Mitchell    email:  telephone +44 1875 830708  or  use the contact form below – please make sure you spell your email address correctly for me to be able to reply to you.

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