About Aeona

Our Purpose

Aeona’s purpose is to encourage, energise and challenge our clients in a supportive and safe environment to help them gain new perspectives, clearer thinking, better focus and the motivation to make the changes they want. We support individuals and organisations to be the best they can be and achieve the results and success they want, in a way that is meaningful to them.

Our Values

Integrity – We aim always to be honest, open, trustworthy and reliable.

Passion – Enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration are very important to us and we aim to help our clients feel energised and passionate themselves.

Dignity – We feel everyone is entitled to be treated with respect, empathy and equality.

Contribution – We feel it is important to show up, take part, make things happen and give back to the community. Where we can, Aeona aims to make coaching available to those who have a need but not necessarily resources – for example by running some of our group coaching workshops at a nominal cost to cover expenses. Sue Mitchell volunteers her time and expertise as a business mentor for Scottish Enterprise, a committee member of the Association for Coaching Edinburgh events team and as a coach and instructor for regional, national and international training events for the British Sub Aqua Club.


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